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Plus White Polisher Refill Kit

Plus White Polisher Refill Kit

SKU: 7624

Now you can have the same professional type of cleaner, brighter, polished teeth at home when you use Plus White Polisher and Diamond Bright Polishing Paste. The Diamond Bright Polishing Paste is the same, enamel safe, polishing paste used by dentists to fill in porous areas that can occur, over the years, due to diet, age, and smoking, causing yellow, dull teeth.

You'll quickly notice smoother and brighter teeth after just one weekly use of this minty fresh paste. The Plus White Paste unit includes 12 scientifically formulated tooth polishing paste cups (to be used once a week), 4 professional polishing heads to safely help remove years of surface stains so you can achieve the cleaner, brighter smile you deserve. 

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